English Converted Farmhouse

This beautiful Grade II listed barn is nestled within a rural Wiltshire valley.

Having relocated from Germany, where our client lived in a modern, minimal building, they wished to embrace every aspect of English country heritage in their new home. Quintessential provincial English style was what they hoped to feel in every part of the farmhouse. The pre-defined layout of multiple cosy, cottage-like rooms appealed to them greatly. We decided to leave these as they were, choosing to create lightness and airiness through the colour, light and texture instead. Our design concept was to mirror the cascading landscapes surrounding the farmhouse from room to room.

The natural backdrop was our guiding light, and so we lay Belgian timber floorboards and sisal carpets throughout - with a tight weave so that it would age slowly and charmingly as the family dogs trotted over it day by day.

We chose to not use a smooth render on the walls - the slight wave and bobbled sections were all part of the building's history, highlighting the natural character of the stone through the paintwork. Our palette was one of calming neutrals, with colour coming through in the palest blues and greens, referencing the green hills that rolled outside of the windows and the trickling streams in the vicinity.

Emma Sims-Hilditch