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How to Decorate Your Home For Autumn

With the mornings feeling crisper and the days drawing in, autumn is no doubt upon us.

Although the end of summer might not be a cause for celebration for all, we at Sims Hilditch are looking forward to the eclectic colours and textures that the change in season will bring, both outside and in. Here are some of our tips on how to turn your sitting room into a cosy autumnal haven ready for the colder evenings ahead.

Switch Out Summer Furnishings

Switching up your soft furnishings is an easy way to make your space look inviting and cosy. We suggest replacing your lighter cotton throws with thicker woollen designs, draped over the arm of a sofa or placed in a wicker basket. You could also think about the texture of the fabrics used and how these might reflect your home’s natural surroundings. Why not have a look at some of the designs by GP&J Baker and Colefax and Fowler, to name a few.

Choosing the Right Colour Palette

The colour palette of a room is a straightforward way to pay homage to the changing season. Why not consider painting your joinery or cabinetry in autumnal colours like mossy greens and burnt oranges? These create a warm, comforting aesthetic that nod to the seasonal colours of fall. You might also consider threading splashes of blue or purple throughout your sitting room; a more subtle tribute to the changing landscape surrounding a home that recalls a dusky autumn evening. This, accompanied by textured or patterned materials like plaid, creates a decidedly cosy feel.

Coffee Table Displays

A coffee table or ottoman can be a great canvas for creating seasonal displays which can be easily updated every few months. An arrangement of books that allude to the cosiness of the colder months is a great idea, setting the scene for an inviting and relaxing space. Hearty British cookbooks always work well. Take this one step further by investing in a smart backgammon or chess set to create an environment primed for an evening of fun and games with family and friends. A great example of this can be seen in our Surrey Lake House pictured.

Drink's Cabinets for an Autumnal Tipple

Lastly, why not consider incorporating a drinks trolley or cabinet into your sitting room? A drinks cabinet is the perfect opportunity to get creative with bespoke joinery. We recommend installing something that will work well with the space available, either recessed into the wall or cleverly hidden from view. Why not install uplighting in the shelving to draw the eye when the cabinet is in use, paired with double doors to hide the drinks from view when not needed.

Foraging Foliage

Creating an autumnal aesthetic doesn’t have to be timely. Gathering foliage from outside to be arranged on a coffee table or bookshelf is a beautiful way of celebrating the British countryside whist creating a calming and inviting atmosphere. To create a truly holistic experience, arrange lightly scented pinecones or ferns throughout the space. This brings the aromatic smells of the outdoors inside, immersing the inhabitants in the essence of autumn.