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Investing in Furniture

We believe that building a home is more than choosing furniture and hanging pictures on the wall; these are objects that will set the scene for your everyday life and provide the backdrop for memorable moments all year round.

Be led by your hearrt

Whether it’s the beloved armchair you curl up on at the end of a long day, or the kitchen table that holds the stories of a thousand family dinners, there’s nothing quite as personal as investing in furniture. While certain antiques and artwork can certainly hold value for years to come furniture shouldn’t necessarily be purchased with this in mind. Choose furniture and art that you are drawn to; if one day you fall out of love with it and are lucky to sell it for more than you paid for it, that’s simply a bonus. Selling second-hand furniture can be very hard and often has a low value so be led by your heart and spend on pieces you know will be cherished for years to come.

Think timeless over trends

While trends have their place in interior design, it’s a good idea to avoid following them too prescriptively in terms of both investment and creating a bespoke home. A mid-century dressing table and chair in a bedroom might seem perfect for that space, but don’t feel the rest of the house should follow suit. In recent years, we have introduced more colour and pattern into our schemes at Sims Hilditch, for a more lived-in look. After a decade of ultra-minimalist, restrained interiors being en vogue, the return of a more authentic interior, layered with antiques and contemporary art, feels warm, welcoming and characterful.

Don't be afraid to mix and match

Adding antiques into a room creates a unique sense of warmth and history. Don’t be preoccupied by making high-value purchases, be led by your personal taste, be that 18th-century French antiques or a stylish Belgian commode. There are no rules when it comes to buying antiques, so don’t be afraid to mix pieces from different countries and periods.

The three wisest investments

  1. On average, we will spend 26 years of our lives asleep, so if you invest in one thing, make it your bed! You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, so invest in a great mattress and divan. We work with Hypnos who work by Royal appointment to the Queen and have over a century of bespoke bed-making heritage behind them.
  2. From dinner parties that lasted long beyond bedtime to hectic Sunday lunches with the family, a great kitchen table tells a story. Our founder Emma bought her antique table in a pine warehouse over 28 years ago. It was at this very table that she made her first pair of curtains, and the Sims Hilditch business was eventually born.
  3. Nothing beats sinking into a well-made, sumptuous sofa at the end of a long day. Emma’s was passed down from her parents and was originally made by George Smith using traditional upholstery techniques. Like George Smith, a great sofa stands out for the quality of materials used, from feather and down fillings to quality solid wood frames.